Koito Pottery
"Traditional and Modern" TAKAYAMA Pottery

Welcome to our studio on the Web !
_We are running a studio and shop in small historic town of central Japan, TAKAYAMA-City.

_TAKAYAMA has very old history,and it is called " The home of the Japanese mind ".
You can see the best parts of Japan in our city. It was selected by the Michelin Guide,and given three stars. If you have an opportunity to come to Japan, Please visit TAKAYAMA and also come to my studio. We welcome you !

_During Kan-ei year of Edo era (in 1620's), Shigeyori Kanamori, the lord of Takayama City, invited a potter from Kyoto through the help of his brother Souwa Kanamori, patriarch of 'Sowa style' tea ceremony, in order to produce pottery at a local area in Takayama City. At that time, the kiln was opened for making pottery at Koito Hill. This is the start of Koito Pottery.

Souwa KANAMORI (1584-1656)

_The specialty of Koito Pottery is Irabo-glaze tasteful textures. Among these textures, Ao-Irabo, which was developed recently, is cobalt blue color and the only one in Japan. This glaze is much evaluated with its moist and quiet texture. The clay used for Koito Pottery is dug in the northern Takayama.

"Flower Cofeecup"
right : Traditional IRABO glaze
Left : Blue IRABO glaze
(the original glaze of Koito pottery)

_Koito Pottery is made for adjusting widely from the tea utensils to modern crafts like dishes and flower vases at present. The present head is Taizan Nagakura, he is also the 16th master of 'Souwa style' tea ceremony.

Yasukuni(Taizan) NAGAKURA ,
a present head of Koito pottery, and
the 16th master of Sowa style tea ceremony.

_The Koito pottery ware is tough (fine cray and high temperature firing) so that it can be used for usual tableware.The smell of food can't put on easily. Though the texture is a bit rough when you use it first, it is going to be smoother with well using and the colure is also going to be better.

Blue IRABO glaze "Sake set"

_We make ALL product by hands, with family.
Never use mass production methods (like automatic wheel)


_We usually fires by Gas kiln , sometimes "Gas and Wood Hyblid" kiln.
Main Gas Kiln (1 cubic meter) Hybrid Kiln (1/2 cubic meter)

_We have a Direct sales shop by the studio.
The Direct sales store
(Landmark is the old style mailbox)
inside of the store

Access map
Please refer to the The Hidatakayama Museum of Art website.
Koito pottery stands in front of it.

_30min. walk from Takayama railway station. Buses,Taxi, and the rental cycles exist.
Please ask details at the Visitor center in front of the Takayama station.

Koito Pottery

1-136 Kamiokamoto TAKAYAMA-City
Gifu, zip 506-0055 Japan

+81 577 32 1981
+81 577 33 8361
mailto: info@koitoyaki.com Please Do not erase [Koito] in the subject.

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(Many languages are provided.)
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